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Giacomo Mazzucato was born in Venice, in 1994. He is a talented young man whose bag of tricks includes captivating beats, warm guitar frequencies, and breath-taking melodies that climax in improvised explosions.

His debut occurred in 2013 with an EP called “Rooms of Emptiness”, released by Bad Panda Records. Several months later, it was followed by “Lost Keys & Stolen Kisses”, released by French label Highlife Recordings. Critical acclaim and growing popularity led Mazzucato to sign several deals with Ghemon e Mecna, and release quite a few remixes and various collaborations, notably “Your Smell”, which was chosen as the soundtrack for a number of Vogue items during the Paris Fashion Week.

When he released “All These Things I Used To Have, in 2014, he joined the international division of renown label La Tempesta. In 2014, he joined an artist in residency program at a communications research center operated by Benetton Group. There, he serves as a composer and sound designer, creating soundtracks for the brand’s documentaries, exhibitions and commercials. During the first few months of 2015, he signed an exclusive right-to-sell contract with Sugar, one of the biggest record companies in all of Europe, which makes its Italian and international network available to young musicians and producers. His debut album, “Usually Nowhere”, was released in March of 2015 by La Tempesta International/Sugar, confirming the young Venetian producer’s evolution and maturation. Following this he shared a stage with artists like Forest Swords, Tycho, Plaid, Lone, Jhon Talabot, Legowelt and many others. The video for his “Hermit”, his first single segment, produced by Fabria, was featured in renown British magazine Fact Magazine. This confirmed the growing international interest in the project, following the French tour that occurred last winter.

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