JULY 23rd


The Notwist, who have always been a pioneering band in creating a unique sound universe and the unmistakable fruit of many elements and influences, arrives in Italy for a single date in which they will perform their 2002 masterpiece NEON GOLDEN. 

Always intent in creating a unique sound and a product of countless elements and influences, The Notwist are a constantly evolving project, with continuous research and sound experimentation. There is a constant dialogue between the hard rock sound of The Notwist of the past and their most exploratory tendencies, but it’s the shades that are in between these two extremes that make the band so unique.
“Close to the glass”,
the last album, embodies quality and vitality, is an attractive and unexpected marriage of emotional melodies and precise pulse of machines and electronics.

Romantic and robotic at the same time, “Close to the glass” is a collage that combines pop songs, science, research and ability to tell stories.
This album comes after THE DEVIL, YOU + ME, critically acclaimed and admired by worldwide audiences and then having released the exclusive STURM, a soundtrack of the homonymous film by German director Hans-Christian Schmid.

The Notwist were born in Bavaria almost 20 years ago: in 1989, their sound was still powered by a visceral aesthetic sound more associated with hardcore metal than the musically diverse production, and it was this wide range that aided them in producing NEON GOLDEN, an enormous critical and commercial success in 2002. The Notwist are creators of highly personal music, a kind of alchemy unsolicited in any way by conventions or by particular deadlines, but only the result of inspiration and talent.

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