JULY 23rd


Ry X, the young Australian singer-songwriter, who has already been active in other projects, arrives at SIREN to present his debut album Dawn, released in Italy two weeks ago by the Infectious and [PIAS] Cooperative labels.

Ry was an active surfer for years and was known in 2010 as Ray Cuming, when he released an album – a bad album that with poor sales. After that experience Ry decided to leave the music business completely, but after a period of time spent surfing and traveling the world, the young Australian started to slowly make music again, pursuing various collaborations and projects away from the music industry, rediscovering the pleasure of playing and composing. In 2013 he released his EP Berlin, essential and direct and with an incredible and unexpected radio hit. Ry spent all of 2015 working hard on his music and recorded more than 40 songs before finding the right pieces for Dawn. The central theme of this new work is isolation, the desire to reconnect with the deepest and truest part of yourself.

An acoustic guitar, minimal arrangements, scarce but dense lyrics and a direct, spontaneous display of powerful emotions are the characteristics of Dawn. Listening to the album is like being in the room with Ry and his guitar. It took years; the album had many false starts and moments of frustration and failure, finally got to the sound that Ry has always been searching for. Dawn is a goal and a new starting point of a career that we are certain will shine.

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