“Powell traverses the same spectrum from brilliant to dumb, from super to stoopid as The Beastie Boys circa ‘Intergalactic’, andproposes the same kind of grand unifying theory of funk as Basement Jaxx circa ‘Red Alert’.” THE WIRE

Powell’s music and his label, the Diagonal Records, founded in 2011, occupy a first class space within the universe of new Dance talent able to create a precise style. Powell in fact gives rise to a new and well-defined sound that makes it recognizable and original in an electronic scene characterized by sounds that are conventional, homogeneous and too often predictable.

Like a leader of a fearless new guard of DIY talents, Powell discards and reinterprets very different styles with a sharp razor, almost hip-hop in his ability to apply and reapply a sound that is confrontational, powerful, propulsive and incredibly psychedelic. His ability to combine the attitude of post-punk with the excitement of the electronic rave of the 90s and the spirit of experimental music, creating something truly original and new, makes Powell one of the most interesting talents of the moment!

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