Nosaj Thing is the incessant search for the new. The LA producer, aka Jason Chung, says that anyone who listens to a lot of music knows that feeling of numbness one feels listening to much of the music produced today which is due to recycling sounds already heard reorganised according to different geometric configurations. It is just this very numbness that pushes Nosaj Thing to look for a new sound universe that can stimulate and provoke new emotions and sensations. It occurs rarely, but it can still happen that one is awakened by a sound. This is the case with Fated, the new album from Nosaj Thing.

Born from the escape from the claustrophobic and banal sound world, and animated by the need to create something new and deeply personal, six years after his debut album comes the new album from the Los Angeles producer.

Very difficult to define, Fated is an essential album in which all unnecessary elements have been removed in the search for a pure sound that is direct and powerful, an album in which the Boards of Canada meet Bach, analogue soul spectra and hip hop are mixed with Cyberpunk melancholy and  a gloomy and essential mood to create a work that is pure and dazzling.

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