JULY 24th


“America’s lost genius returns” MOJO ★★★★

“Stone cold masterpiece…” UNCUT ★★★★★

After a brief, but intense, carrier with Lift To Experience (their only album The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads was highly acclaimed by the press) Josh T Pearson has lived the last ten years out of the spotlight. In 2011, signed to the MUTE label, he made his grand return and solo debut. The Last Of The Country Gentlemen, recorded over two years in a Berlin amateur studio, a record of extreme intimacy: the anguished voice of Josh, his scratchy guitar and occasionally an icy touch of violin and piano melancholy are the tools to tell the deep pain of a man who has lost his faith in God and love.


A Texas native, Josh T. Pearson began his career in 1996 with LIFT TO EXPERIENCE, a band that only lasted long enough to produce one album (“The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads”, 2001); this album, however, was destined to become a cult record for years to come. The work moves on rock-noise directives and is literally soaked with sacred content inspired by the Bible. The performance of Lift To Experience at Austin’s prestigious festival South By Southwest impressed Robin Guthrie of Bella Union, who immediately signed the band. Pearson found success and notoriety, but wasn’t ready to face them: too pure and fundamentalist to let himself be instrumentalized as a commodity, to see his words of faith crippled to climb the indie charts. So he lost himself, spent some time as an attendant in a remote church in the heart of Texas, and then moved to Paris.

It was in Berlin in 2010 when he finally broke his silence and he recorded his first solo album, “Last of the Country Gentlemen”, which was a great success and revered on the international scene.


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