JULY 23rd


“Aurora”, the new album by I Cani, the band-not-band led by musician Niccolò Contessa, is already regarded as one of the most important records of 2016.

 Led by the single “Non finirà” (permanently present in the Spotify’s 100 most played songs by Italian radio, as well as number 1 in the Indie Music Like and Viral Playlist), “Aurora” has succeeded in winning over audiences which are usually closed to independent Italian bands (like the on the popular TV show “Quelli che … Il Calcio”) and have confirmed I Cani as one of the few alternatives to modern and high-quality disposable pop that currently dominates the charts.

Their success is obvious, as confirmed by the resounding success of the two special dates at Milan’s Alcatraz and Rome’s Atlantico (both sold out in advance) as well as the date set for the Cage in Livorno (also sold out presale).

Three concerts where the band presented their new album in front of what is now their very large audience, and have shown once again that you can achieve interesting results without necessarily trying to chase the applause of the masses, but simply by following their own inclinations.

I Cani do not do in-store sales, releasing very few interviews, they don’t like publicizing themselves, yet year after year have been confirmed as one of the most solid members of modern Italian music.
In this tour, Niccolò Contessa chose to be accompanied by the same band line-up as always: Valerio Bulla on bass, Simon Ciarocchi on drums and Andrea Suriani (also co-producer of “Aurora”) on keyboards. A new member on the synthesizers: Francesco Bellani.

As always, there will be surprises: from the novelties of the lesser known songs to the great classics you can sing along to, dancing, sweating and enjoying the crowd.

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