JULY 23rd


Holy Strays is the stage name of Sebastien Forreter, a twenty-four-year-old Parisian musician and producer, whose songs are strikingly emotive. Sebastien has collaborated with Morning Ritual and Atelier Ciseaux (Mount Eerie, Dirty Beaches, Prince Rama), and he has recently released Chasm, his debut EP, with Demand Vinyl/Something In Construction (Memory Tapes, Air France, Concretes).

Forrester is currently living in Paris, but he grew up in Gabon and in the Caribbean, and his diverse background shines through within his own musical universe. His passion for percussion, which he acquired during his first few years in Africa, has remained a constant throughout his journey. Forrester developed his talents by taking courses at the conservatory and by listening to the percussion in different jazz and fusion projects. He also studied Coleman and Coltrane recordings. In Chasm, his EP, the young musician merged traditional gospel music with sacred songs, Morricone’s early soundtracks and modern electronic music to produce his own diverse musical world, maintaining folklore as a regular object of study and one of his most solid obsessions.

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