It would now be inappropriate to consider him a promising, or simply an emerging artist: Gold Panda is now one of the most important electronic artists of his generation, as evidenced by the incredible and growing success of his live appearances – starting with Italian appearances that invariably receive exceptional responses from audiences.

His sound architectures, somewhere between poetry and experiments, between minimal style and offbeat rhythmic drifts, have now become an unmistakable trademark. Two albums, the brilliant debut “Lucky Shiner” written in “his” Essex in 2010 and “Half Of Where You Live“, written and recorded in Berlin in 2013, along with some very memorable pieces (the self-produced debut in 2009, “Quitter’s Raga” immediately became a cult song, a true anthem such as “You”, or the hypnotic “Brazil”), have quickly placed the British artist in the same artist category as Four Tet, Caribou and James Holden. 

The new album, “Good Luck and Do Your Best, the labor of 18 months’ worth of work, was conceived in Japan and recorded in Chelmsford, in the town of Essex, where the artist grew up and where today, after years on tour around the world, he has decided to return. 

The title, inspired from a phrase uttered by a taxi driver in Japan, was the motivational starting point for this new work. From a sound point of view, Derwin states that the album drew visual inspiration from his travels in Japan. “I went to Japan twice. Once in April, and once in October. These are the best times to visit this country”. “In April the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and there are a lot of festivals and places to visit. October is fantastic because the leaves begin to change color. It is just an incredibly beautiful place.” 

However, the album was recorded upon returning home to Chelmsford, as Derwin explains, it was a bit like looking back in order to process and portray the visual sensations gathered in Japan. Those places and colors translate into an album that is distinctly different from his previous “Half of Where You Live“. The 11 songs that make up “Good Luck and Do Your Best” are in fact much warmer and captivating, with a clearer range of sounds and are the result of careful selection of a large number of tracks composed within the span of a year and a half.

 Known by long-time followers, his sound set is a musical journey: a long voyage taken on tracks filled with intensity and emotional expressiveness; where his pieces are morphed, stretched, and taken into unpredictable directions.


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