JULY 23rd


“La fine dei vent’anni” is the first disk produced by Mott. When he joined Criminal Jokers, he wrote lyrics leading the band to express the tension associated with being twenty, with vitality and electricity. Motta is a precious multi-instrumentalist who, over the years, has lent his talents to Nada Del Diavolo, Zen Circus, and Giovanni Truppi.

“La fine dei vent’anni” is about the discovery of adulthood. It speaks about the musical and human coming of age of one of the most talented Italian artists.

This album, produced by Riccardo Sinigallia, includes ten unreleased numbers. Besides Motta, who plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, the album features Cesare Pitulicchio (BSBE Bud Spencer Blues Explosion), Andrea Ruggiero (Operaja Criminale e mille altri), Laura Arzilli, Lello Arzilli, Andre Pesce, and legends like Giorgio Canali, Maurizio Loffredo, Guglielmo Ridolfo Gagliano (Paolo Benvegnù, Negrita) and Alessandro Alosi (Pandel diavolo).

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