Cosmo (Marco Jacopo Bianchi), better known as the frontman and leader of Drink to Me, is one of the most solid and appreciated bands in our underground panorama. He isn’t afraid to take risks, and his music tries to speak a new language, with his own experiences thrown in. Cosmo tries to marry distinctly pop compositions with an approach that liberally draws from the world of night club music. It also takes a bold look at domains seemingly light-years away and out of its reach.

Cosmo’s songs can be sung at the top of your lungs, but you can also dance non-stop to the music, without even paying attention to the lyrics. You can also listen quietly to the songs in your room, letting the music penetrate directly into your heart.  Again – it’s pop music, but it’s also something else.

His new album is called “L’Ultima festa” (“The Last Party”), and was released by 42 Records in April.

Preceded by Le voci (, a tried and true musical and aesthetic manifestation of Cosmo-thought (kudos to the video filmed by Jacopo Farina, and to the performer, Giacomo Laser, for his contribution), which constantly plays on the contrast between reality and dreams, delusions and the real world, “L’ultima festa” augments the content that made “Disordine” one of the most intriguing and celebrated disks in the Italian music scene in recent years.

In this new piece, Cosmo tried to surpass his own limits, both adopting a more direct approach to writing lyrics (in Cosmo’s new songs, there’s really a lot of Marco, his personality, and his life), and taking a greater liberty in handling musical drama, which is increasingly trending towards long musical interludes.


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