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The history of the city Vasto is very ancient; legend has it that it was built by Diomedes, leader of the Illyrians, and consequently the architecture reflects the numerous populations who have inhabited it over the centuries.

Four sacred buildings are of particular importance, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Church of Maria Santissima del Carmine, the Cathedral of San Giuseppe and the Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

Interesting are the Civic Museums of the City of Vasto, hosted in the spacious Palazzo D’Avalos, from whose eighteenth-century Neapolitan garden it is possible to enjoy fantastic views of the Gulf of Vasto.

In the Archaeological Museum, one of the oldest public museums in the region, are preserved historical artifacts ranging from the Iron Age to the Early Middle Ages, sarcophagi, sculptures, vases, jewellery, weapons, coins (minted from the third century BC to the V century. AD), as well as a beautiful mosaic floor of the ancient istionesi thermal baths, the dating of which can be traced back to the first century A.D.

In the Art Gallery of the city entirely dedicated to painters from Vasto and Abruzzo are found works of modern and contemporary art.

The Museum of Costume includes a collection of paintings depicting traditional costumes, and a collection of precious outfits from Abruzzo dating from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.

As regards the archaeology open air, it is worth visiting the Church of St. Peter, Benedictine settlement which will also be one of the stages of the Siren Fest, and the Archaeological Park of the Roman Thermal Baths which preserves some of the biggest and most important mosaics discovered so far along the entire Adriatic coast.

Full of charm is the Castle Caldoresco, related to the figure of Captain Caldora James, who in 1439 took over the city and helped upgrade its defence systems and finally Palazzo D’Avalos overlooking the sea of Vasto and considered one of the most inspiring locations of the festival.

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