The New York genius, founder of the American anti-folk generation with nine albums to his name, arrives in Italy to present “Aladdin”, the ninth solo album of his career

The sounds of Adam Green evoke a strand that runs from Leonard Cohen right up to Richard Hawley, except that it all seems to have passed through the hands of Jack Black (the School Of Rock actor, who is one of his fans). Green was born in New York and released his first album when he was only 17. Adam is a fundamental part of the New York anti-folk scene of the late 90s and one half of the Moldy Peaches, the band for which Kimya Dawson also wrote and composed and which achieved global success thanks to the soundtrack of the Oscar winning 2007 film Juno.

In Europa he has become a regular at the top of the charts thanks to hits such as Jessica, Emily and Morning After Midnight. When the Moldy Peaches reached number one on Billboard with the song Anything Else But You, Green had a series of successful albums behind him and ventured deeper into the visual arts and filmmaking.

 After three years of gestation, Adam Green is ready to unveil his most fascinating project. “Aladdin” is the captivating soundtrack of his personal, hyper-sensorial, poetic and humorously subversive vision of the classic tale “Ten Thousand and One Nights”. Curator of the modern version of the traditional fairy tale and himself a protagonist in his own adaptation, Adam Green has inserted 13 original songs into “Aladdin” created with a wild and joyful fantasy and characterised by a very catchy groove that recalls late sixties, bubblegum psychedelic folk-funk sounds. It is the sound that emerges from the cracks of the symbolic imagination of Adam in which the lamp is a 3D printer, the princess is a decadent aristocrat, the planet undergoes a sex change and its population prints an analogue version of the internet.

 The soundtrack will be released along with the film and Adam will take the album and the film out on tour …

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