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Adam Green is renowned throughout the world as one of the most prolific and interesting composing talents on the international musical scene.
A native of New York, Green recorded and produced his first album at the young age of 17. Active in the New York anti-folk scene at the end of the 90s, he formed “The Moldy Peaches”, a duo that achieved success thanks to the soundtrack of the film ‘Juno’, winner of a Grammy Award and an Academy Award in 2007. During his career as a soloist, Green has recorded 9 albums, many of which have become cult successes like ‘Gemstones’ in 2005 that won a golden record in Europe.

But Adam is not only a musician. Multidimensional and eclectic, Green became active in the worlds of cinema and of visual arts, curating exhibitions in America and throughout Europe – the most recent at the LISTE art fair in Basel, while the artistic work derived from Aladdin has been exhibited recently at the Beyeler Foundation Museum.
Adam Green has focused on cinema since 2010: a year later, “The Wrong Ferarri” was released, the first feature film entirely filmed on an Iphone. Since then, he has taught at the Tisch Film School, New York University’s cinema department. Rolling Stone described him as a “Fellini on Ketamine”.
“Aladdin” his second highly creative and psychedelic feature film, saw Green himself in the role of the protagonist, exploring the recesses of his symbolic imagination and recalling a Michel Gondry or a Jodorowsky on LSD.
An artistic production that is both subversive and stunning, it was filmed entirely on handmade papier maché sets with more than 500 scenery objects and 30 rooms built using telephone books, newspapers, glue and house paint. The satyrical odyssey, full of frenetic dialogues, centers on Aladdin’s dysfunctional family that lives in a city which is entirely “ordinary”, ruled by a corrupt Sultan. The lamp is a 3D printer, the princess is a socialite on the brink of decadence, the planet decides to change sex, and its population prints an analog version of the internet. The film explores themes like technology, government repression, greed, and true love. The cast is made up of an interesting assortment of members of the artistic, musical and film community of the city of New York, including artists of stature like Natasha Lyonne, Macaulay Culkin, Alia Shawkat, Francesco Clemente, Har Mar Superstar, Devendra Banhart, Bip Ling, Jack Dishel, and Zoe Kravitz. The soundtrack of “Aladdin” is the last work written and recorded by Green and produced by Noah Georgeson, who will be the protagonist of “Aladdin Tour”, a world tour that will begin after a series of preview presentations of the film expected at the end of April. Adam and his band will give live performances of songs from all his previous albums in addition to the songs from “Adam Green’s Aladdin.”

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