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A unique and extraordinary setting: an ancient town facing the sea that is one of the most charming sites in the central Italy. With its 15th century palace and courtyard, its charming upper town alleys, the square overlooking the gulf and beaches; not just a concert series, but instead a real festival: four days of fun and chilling, DJ sets, movie screenings and food feasts.

Our advice is: take a break from work, pack your bag with your swimsuit and frisbee and prepare yourself for three days of swimming, enjoying rock’n’roll apertivi on the beach at sunset, delicious meals in selected restaurants, unforgettable concerts, dancing on the beach at night and under the stars screenings of films and music themed documentaries.

What they said about us:


This isn’t such a surprise, but it is true. Siren’s main stage, sited in the Piazza del Popolo, had its back to an epic expanse of sea, visible from a perfect vantage point near the town’s apex. Almost every band was awed by its vertiginous beauty and it felt as if performances were lifted because of it. But it wasn’t just here, from this point onwards, navigating the festival was a bit like some kind of immersive promenade performance – drifting between the various stages and encountering people, sights and most importantly, sound noisily wedded to its environs. – Amy Pettifer


SIREN FEST 2014: what a bill!

IL Vasto Siren Fest lancia un guanto di sfida ai grandi festival italiani. E’ obiettivamente difficile non essere emozionati da un cartellone che mette insieme The National e Mogwai, John Grant e Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), e ancora The Drones, Dry the River, Soft Moon, Fuck Buttons e Tycho.


Il Vasto Siren Fest ha saputo porre sullo stesso livello artisti e pubblico attraverso un fortissimo legame umano, confezionando un vero e proprio festival a dimensione d’uomo, bilanciato in maniera certosina.




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